20:17h. Saturday, 23 de January de 2021

The Abdelrahman Hussein Interview, by Mohamed Salah


Abdelrahman Hussein Mahmoud,  born March 10, 1996. Is an Egyptian Film maker and Software Engineer.

Hussein was born in Cairo, Egypt. He began making films at age seven, with a small camera and shooting short films with his friends. Growing up, Hussein was particularly influenced by Star Wars (1977).

Tell me more about your beginning and education?

- Well, I started at age of seven shooting short films with family and friends. I watched a lot of movies at the time. I was trying to find an answer, how this is made, that was the start. I learned many things in film making but this is not every thing, everyday I learn something new in how to be well educated and more experienced in that science. On the other side,I went for a software engineering bachelor.